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Welcome to Shiny Side Up Detailing & Coatings.
A CFC trained and accredited detailer, we have  access to the latest in ceramic and protective coatings. 
We can give your vehicle the ultimate protection against the elements, corrosion, road grime, iron fallout, UV rays, bird bombs, stone chips and more. 
We even have coatings that can fill minor swirls and marring to reduce the need for machine polishing.
A range of services and a choice of treatments that will protect your vehicles surfaces for 3,6,12,24 or 36 months,  making your vehicle shine like new.
Motorcycles, cars, trucks or caravans, we operate a mobile service, based in Exeter, covering all of Devon. We can visit your home or work place for your convenience.

Affordable options
, with fantastic results. 
Contact Us for a free quotation. 
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